Am Tönissteiner Kreis begeistert mich persönlich immer wieder, mit welchem großen Engagement sich die Tönissteiner:innen für die so wichtige Idee der global citizenship einsetzen. Weiter so!"

Dr. Martin Wansleben
Deutsche Industrie- und Handelskammer (DIHK)


The support of international young leadership and cross-border dialogue are the current core themes of the Tönissteiner program work ...


The Tönissteiner Group and the Student Forum are two separate charitable associations, which cooperate closely in their programs ...

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Interesting statements by the members of the Tönissteiner Kreis can be found under the menu point Media Library. Here we dedicate ourselves, for example, to the importance of the Tönissteiner Kreis for its members, the topic of contemporary witnesses and a musical performance on the occasion of the Tönissteiner Annual Meetings.

The Tönissteiner Kreis – promoting an international outlook in business, academia and politics

The Tönissteiner Kreis (TK) is a network of leaders in business, academia and politics with a strong international background and interest. It is nonpartisan, interdisciplinary and spans across generations. Strengthening the international outlook of today's and tomorrow's leaders is one of the TK's key objectives.

The TK presents a forum for dialogue and projects to address society's challenges, driven by pro-bono and non-profit work. The TK promotes international debates to fortify Germany's global outlook and its innovation capacity.

The Tönissteiner Kreis lives and promotes a cosmopolitan outlook.

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