International Human Ressources

Since 2004, the Tönissteiner circle established certain projects to gain more internationality. By organizing roundtables on topics such as "Invest in Africa" (2014), "Public Private Partnership" (2013) or "The private sector and international organizations" (2012) the Tönissteiner circle addresses representatives of associations and employees of international organizations at the conference for German employees of international organizations and European institutions in the Foreign Office. The regular exchange with the responsible coordinator for International Personnel Policy in the Foreign Office and the auspices of the Foreign Office for the Tönissteiner mentor program are even more points of contact.

This topic is also pursued by corporate projects with the Student forum.

From 2009 to 2013, a project team examined the CVs of German politicians in cooperation with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, to learn about the career of lateral entrants. The project achieved more access to politics for citizens, reduction of the disenchantment with politics and the improvement of the quality of political decisions. The results of this study were published in March 2013 by Springer Verlag VS.

A joint workshop of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik in Berlin, the Tönissteiner Group and the Student Forum in the Tönissteiner Group took place in October 2008 on the subject of "recruitment of political offspring - what can we learn from Britain?". More in this report.

A survey realized with the support of the BDA was dedicated to the "personnel policy in a globalizing world". A paper with results and recommendations was completed in 2004.

Triggered by this project in 2005, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung (DGFP) seized the suggestion of the Tönissteiner group to create a group of experts on the topic of "Human Factors in M & A projects". The aim was to investigate the relationships between human resource management practices and the success of (inter)national M & A projects. Concrete recommendations have been developed, which were published in the series "Praxispapiere" der DGFP 2/2007.