Student Forum

Founded in 1999, the Studentenforum   of the Tönissteiner Group supports young academics that tend to take part in international positions. Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated students from all disciplines get the opportunity to specifically prepare for leadership roles in a globalized world at an early stage during their studies. The Studentenforum is registered as a charitable organization and has about 160 members. It shares the goals of the Tönissteiner Group, which it seeks to achieve through independent project work, supported by a team of delegates from the Group.

The global agenda is full of challenges and opportunities; accordingly, the themes of the substantive work of the Studentenforum are much diversified. Therefore, the members of the Studentenforum develop independent projects both on current developments and on policy issues in the areas of politics, economics, law, culture and science. The diversity is also reflected in the project file format, such as think tanks, international conferences and Sur-Place- dialogue. The work on the major themes benefits from the interdisciplinary and international members of the Studentenforum. For its projects, the Studentenforum is cooperating with partners and like-minded organizations   around the world in various ways. The Studentenforum accepts students in the beginning of their studies, which are engaged and achievement-oriented above the ordinary.

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