Meeting "International Labour"

In the context of the project "Personnel and Globalisation" a joint conference with the DAAD   , the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft    and the BDA    took place in december 2006 in Berlin with the topic "International Labour - how should universities and students act?".

Key speakers and participants from academia, busines and politics discussed the challenges which business has for future graduates and identified how their professional and personal qualifications can be ankered in the curriculum. Intercultural competendies were seen as particularly relevant to use the opportunities offered by global competition.

120 participants from academia and business took part. The winner of the Stifterverband/DAAD competition, the 10 best master programs in German universities ("Qualitätslabel für die zehn besten Internationalen Master-Studiengänge an deutschen Hochschulen"), was formally awarded during the event.

Speech Kai Gramke:
"What business expects from universities in a globalised world"      

Speech Dr. Norbert Bensel:
"What business expects from universities in a globalised world"      

Speech Dr. Richard Kamm:
"Internationalisation and Employment: experiences of a British University"     

Speech Prof. Dr. Frank Mücklich:
"A Joint European Master Programme in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering"     

Information on the Event
Joint press declaration of the Tönissteiner Kreis and the DAAD     
Program for 1. and 2. December 2006     

Further Information can be foun on the internet pages of the DAAD   .